First launched in 1997, has been the premier Jewish dating site for many years. has a huge member base that includes millions of people from all over the world. In addition to helping Jewish individuals find love and happiness, also has a mission of strengthening the Jewish culture and community.

Ease Of Use

Setting up a profile on is easy and takes less than five minutes. The site only requires a minimum amount of information before creating a user’s profile and allowing them to start searching for a potential match. Members always have the option of returning to their profile to fill it out further if they want to add more details.

The site is well-designed and easy to navigate. A task bar along the top of the screen will take users wherever they need to go, whether it’s viewing matches, searching through member profiles or checking their inbox. Members who have used will find that the site includes many of the same features, such as the ability to send e-cards and see which members are currently online. That’s because the two sites are owned by the same network.

Features & Benefits has many great features, including:

      • Chat rooms and message boards:In addition to emails and instant messaging, users can interact on a more community level with chat rooms and message boards.
      • Customizable e-cards: Users can choose from a variety of customizable e-card templates. They can send these e-cards to members to show their interest.
      • Flirt: Users can send a “flirt” to other members in hopes of getting their attention. These are short and fun pre-written messages.
      • Secret Admirer: Users can anonymously mark that they are someone’s secret admirer, and will find out if the other user feels the same.
      • Hot List: Members create their own “Hot List”, which is a list to help members keep track of some of their favorite potential matches on the site.
      • Offline events: holds numerous offline events every month to allow members to meet other members in person. Examples include cocktail parties, classes, wine tastings, speed dating events and even trips to vacation destinations. Giving back is also an important part of JDate’s mission, so there are lots of volunteering opportunities as well.
      • Color Code Personality Test: This voluntary test helps to expand the user’s profile and help them find potential matches which are best suited to their personality.

How Safe Is It?

On, users can choose to make their profile hidden. This is useful if you’re still unsure if you want to become a member and just want to browse. There are also settings for particular parts of the site – for example, a member can choose to set their profile so that other users can’t see when their view a profile or add it to a Hot List. also keeps your name, email address and other personal information private.

Technology & Customer Support has a large help database filled with FAQs. While this will answer many user questions, the site also offers other methods of getting customer support. Unlike many other dating sites, has a 24/7 helpline at 877-453-3861 along with an online form that can be filled out and emailed to the support team. As far as technology goes, offers a great mobile app so members can access the site on the go.

Opportunity For Relationships is open to all Jewish adult singles, gay or straight. One nice feature is that they ask right away when you sign up what type of relationship you’re looking for, whether it’s a date, a future spouse or just a friend. In addition, members can choose to take the Color Code personality test to find out more about themselves and who would make a good match for them. There is a huge member database, so finding potential matches is no problem. There are also thousands of members online at any moment in time, so it’s easy to get an immediate connection.

Membership Packages

Free members can do a lot on, including searching through member profiles, taking a personality test and responding to emails from other members. However, a paid subscription provides access to many more features, including the chat rooms, message boards and e-cards. In addition, paying members can initiate communication with other members and use JDate Mobile. Many members get the standard subscription, but there is also an option to upgrade to a premium subscription to get a highlighted profile that shows up at the top of search results.

Here is a breakdown of the prices of the different membership packages:

    • One Month Package – $39.99
    • 3-Month Package – $23.99/month
    • 6-Month Package – $19.99/month

Pros Of Using

There are several benefits of using, including:

      • Communication: The site allows you to communicate beyond the traditional emails or instant messages with features such as chat rooms, message boards, e-cards and flirts.
      • Mixers: Members can participate in offline activities and events.
      • Opportunity: There’s a huge member base even though the site is limited to the Jewish community.
      • Accuracy: The Color Code personality test offers a chance to get matches that are more suited to your personality, goals and desires.

Cons Of Using

There are also a few drawbacks to using, including:

    • Cost: Subscription packages are not as cheap as with some other sites, with membership costing as much as $40 a month.
    • Small community: Even with the large member base, it may be difficult for members in small communities to find potential matches in their area. The offline events are typically held only in large metropolitan areas.

Who Should Use is an online dating community that is limited to Jewish adults of any age, gay or straight. For those looking to date within the Jewish community, the religion-based concept of the site along with the huge member base makes it an excellent option. Though there are certainly some members who just want to casually date on the site, the majority of users are looking for something more long-term when it comes to a relationship. However, it can also be a great site for getting involved in local events and finding others within the Jewish community in your area.

The Final Say is the best site for Jewish singles who want to find a potential match. Although many members on the site are looking for a long-term relationship or life partner, there is also an active community searching for more casual relationships. Though a subscription does cost a little more than with some other sites, the huge member base is reassuring for those who are limiting their search to others in the Jewish community. Also, the amount of offline events provides a great chance to meet others in a group setting. Those who live in small communities, however, should keep in mind that it may not be as easy to find members in their area. The site offers lots of ways to communicate and it has great customer service.