In these days of stress related illness, virus’, and being busier than ever; it is becoming more and more important that people follow a healthy diet plan. Nutrient dense foods and pure water are at the forefront to any healthy eating program, but with an active lifestyle aren’t always easy to implement in to one’s daily diet. Following these simple steps can make the difference between sticking to your diet or making poor dietary choices that may result in eventual cost to your health

Health Check list

Make a list and check it twice. Heard it before? Probably. The reason why is because it’s important. Going grocery shopping without a list is open season for buying over processed, nutrient poor quick foods that contribute to weight gain, mood changes, and other more serious health related issues.

Plan your healthy meals

Plan your healthy meals out in advance and then make your grocery list accordingly.

Reduce the shopping bill

Shop after a meal, not before. Statistically, a hungry shopper is more likely to impulse buy items they don’t need, and would not be likely to purchase otherwise, than if they are not hungry when they begin their shopping.

Shopping after a meal allows the buyer to be mindful of healthier dietary selections and not rush through without checking ingredients labels, or potential freshness of select products.

Improve your chances

Wash all produce when you get it home from the store. Fill the sink basin with cold water and add either 10-20 drops of grapefruit seed extract or 2-3 cups of white vinegar to dissolve wax and pesticide residue. Soak for 30 minutes. Use a produce brush to lightly scrub fruits and vegetables and store appropriately for later use.

Washing in advance increases the likelihood of the produce actually getting eaten instead of spoiling and being thrown out.

Drink to be Healthy

Drink adequate water levels to maintain a healthy diet plan. For most people this is about a half ounce per one pound of body weight. IE: a 150 pound person should consume approximately 75 ounces of water per day. Start the day with 1-2 eight ounce glasses of water and then follow through with at least 8 ounces in between each meal. Water not only hydrates the body, but will make you feel full as well. Oftentimes, the feeling of thirst is confused with hunger.

Curb the hunger

Lightly brush your teeth with mint flavored toothpaste or gel after each meal or snack. Doing so severely curbs any cravings you may have tempting you to indulge. Think of how you feel after a dental cleaning!