One of the most difficult things about weight loss plans is that you are constantly told to avoid certain food types. There is merit in this, of course, but the truth is, we are all only human! Starving yourself from a particular food group will just end up with you wanting to have them even more, and this is more than a little self-destructive. Instead, why not include the option of being able to enjoy some treats during weight loss programs? Here’s how to do it…

Treating Yourself In A Healthy Weight Loss Plan

The problem with reducing your intake of high calorie foods is that you soon begin to crave them – all of the time. Having set days or times to enjoy a little treat helps you because you will get used to the new schedule and the cravings diminish.

Eating Smaller Servings Of High Calorie Food

There’s not much wrong with having a little bit of chocolate or ice cream once a week, but try and cut down on your portion size. A good way of doing this is to have healthy foods alongside your naughty food: raspberries with your ice cream, for example; or carrot and cucumber sticks with your chips and dips.

Eating Healthier Versions Of Your Favorite Treats

Sugar and fats are the unhealthy culprits in cakes, chocolate, creams and frostings, so try experimenting with healthier options. Swap sugar out for bigger portions of cinnamon or vanilla, for example. You can use applesauce or avocados in place of half a portion of butter to reduce the calories in your cakes – or yoghurt in your cookies. Finally, any recipe that requires melted butter, try using a healthier oil instead.

Make A Weight Loss Treat Last Longer

If you have cut back on the portion sizes, try and make your treat last longer by enjoying the experience. Take smaller bites; chew slower; make sure you get to savor every last bit of the taste. You can even go so far as to light candles, play music or enjoy it while taking in some beautiful scenery in the countryside, if it takes your fancy.