High blood pressure increases your risk of heart disease so it’s vital you do what you can to reduce it. High blood pressure is a condition that can happen to anybody at any time, but by making the right lifestyle choices, you can make sure you are doing everything you can to avoid it. Here are our quick tips to give you the best chance of keeping yourself out of the ‘at risk’ category…

Lowering blood pressure through weight loss

As your weight gets heavier, it is often the case that your blood pressure gets higher. If you are male with a waist of 40 inches or more, or a woman with a waist of 35 inches or more, your risk of high blood pressure is greater, so if either of those figures describes you, make sure you get checked out.

Effect of regular exercise on blood pressure

It’s simple really: burn off more calories than you consume and you will lose weight. In terms of blood pressure, doing 30-60 minutes of exercise – which can mean anything from a jog, a brisk walk or a 90 minute football game – can reduce blood pressure in just a few weeks. However, if you think you might suffer from high blood pressure already, always talk to your doctor before embarking on a new exercise regime, as they will help you work out a suitable exercise plan, so you don’t overdo it.

How eating healthy food can reduce blood pressure

Another simple change to your lifestyle that can provide exceptional results. Eating more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and switching to low-fat dairy products can help reduce blood pressure by considerable amounts. Keep a food diary and record everything you consume – you will soon spot where your problems lie when it’s all written down! Avoid junk food and reduce your salt intake – treat yourself every now and again, but just try and stay on track!

Reducing alcohol intake for lower blood pressure

You don’t have to turn into a joyless husk of a human being, but by reducing your alcohol intake to recommended levels, you will not just reduce blood pressure, but also save money! A little booze is actually good for you and can lower your blood pressure in itself, but drink too much and the ‘good’ effect will disappear. And if you drink while on medication for high blood pressure, you could negate the effects. Avoid binge drinking, too – but that goes without saying!