Buying a new pair of jeans is one thing, but making sure they are ready to wear is an entirely different story. Follow these simple tips to make sure you are up to speed with how to treat new denim jeans with style…

Buy Your Denim Jeans Small

When you are buying new jeans, always get a snugger fit – perhaps as much as a size down. As you wear them in, your jeans will stretch to fit your body. Don’t go too far though: we don’t want anyone’s legs going numb when the blood supply is cut off at the waist!

Washing Your Denim

Although many denim aficionados insist on not washing their raw denim jeans for at least six months, we think otherwise (mainly because they can get a bit stinky!). As soon as you get your jeans home, wash them in hot water and dry them naturally for a short time. When they are still damp, put them on for a few hours and walk around the house for a while. As you do this, your jeans will start to mold themselves to your body’s shape.

Stretching Your Jeans

Once your jeans are dry, it’s time to start breaking them in properly. There are many ways of doing this: attempting a few bends and squats around the house will help; riding your bike; going out for a good dance; and even sleeping in them can loosen the denim fibers in your jeans.

Distressing Your Denim

If you want to give your new jeans a more washed out look, then there are plenty of different options you can try. Fooling around in the sea in your jeans followed by a hearty roll and run around in the sand can produce a lovely, aged finish. Sandpaper will give a more abrasive finish. If you want to go for a real rocky look, try rubbing your jeans with a cheese grater to create small holes, rips and tears.