It wouldn’t be appropriate to wear cut-off jeans and a boob tube to go to work as an attorney, and you would never consider wearing six-inch heels and a miniskirt to teach at kindergarten. Your profession is a good guide for what you should be looking for when you go out shopping, but in most business circumstances there are some general tips that can be employed across the board. Once you have the basics in place, you can start accessorizing with more fashionable items; but, it’s those basics that we want to look at first. Read on for our guide to business attire for women…

1 Business Attire For Women: The Suit

Before you get any other clothes for work, you have to get a good suit. Woman or man, wearing a suit is still the primary way of dressing professionally and it oozes responsibility. It is worth spending money on at least one suit – head to a tailor who can measure you properly. Take your measurements as a guide and you’ll find it much easier to then go and buy cheaper suits straight off the peg.

2 Style In Business: The Jacket & Dress Combo

You can get away with wearing a jacket and dress combination, but only on a couple of conditions. Firstly, the dress must finish at knee length as a minimum and secondly, try to avoid mixing colors. Looking professional means trying to stay uniform with what you wear.

3 Women’s Shoes For Business

A good pair of heels is acceptable for business, but don’t go overboard. Think smart, but not overtly sexy. If you don’t want to wear heels, a basic pair of flats will do fine. Regardless of what is on your feet, probably the most important aspect of your shoes is that they are clean and polished.

4 Colors To Wear In The Office

Although attitudes are relaxing with regards to work dress, if you are in a high position within your company, you should still be following the basics. Color-wise, this means very simple blues, blacks, greys or browns – and keep it matched where possible. The advantage of wearing these plain colors is that you can now afford to be more flamboyant with shirt or blouse color.

5 How To Accessorize Your Professional Attire

Let’s look at jewelry and makeup here. Jewelry should be modest: a simple pair of non-dangly earrings and perhaps one ring on each finger is fine. Makeup is also fine, but again, don’t overdo it. Aim for a more natural look and tie it in with the color of your outfit.