Cruises have been a mainstay of worldwide holidaymakers for decades now and are perfect if you want to visit as many destinations as possible, or just take it easy in the knowledge that everything is paid for. The great thing about cruises is that they are completely adaptable and can be tailored for all your requirements, from a wide range of budgets to length of stay.

The beautiful Mediterranean cruise is as popular as ever, not forgetting the stunning sunny climes of the South Pacific and the relaxed vibes of the Caribbean. For those looking for something a little cooler, check out the Fjords of Norway; they are an incredible experience, as is the Arctic and Antarctic and its wonderful array of wildlife.

Although cruise holidays have not traditionally been family-friendly in years gone by – particularly if you have young children – things have improved infinitely recently, with cruise lines tempting you with excellent deals to take your kids (50% off or ‘kids go free’ have been spotted) but it’s important to check each cruise line’s policy and check out the kind of facilities you can expect during your trip.

Of course, plenty of cruise lines offer a more mature experience so for anyone wishing to avoid kids there are plenty of options; the more upmarket lines have fairly strict rules with dress codes and late night noise, for example. Again, don’t forget to check those policy documents to ensure your trip will turn out to be all you dreamt it would be!